One of the unique characteristics of the Colony Woods neighborhood in Chapel Hill is that, currently, there is no reason for through traffic.  The streets of Colony Woods are not a short-cut to anywhere else.  As a result, substantial pedestrian use of the streets in Colony Woods has developed.  Folks run and walk for exercise, some even before first light in the morning.  The portion of Colony Woods that is within the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School district is a walk zone for Ephesus Elementary School.  Dog walkers are present at all times of day, and children often play hopscotch in and ride bicycles and scooters on the quiet streets.  When the weather is nice (and sometimes even when it is not), neighbors gather to visit and exchange pleasantries.

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Nearby Development

On July 26, 2016, the developer of the neighboring American Legion property submitted a "Concept Plan Application" to the Town of Chapel Hill.  The concept plan submitted on July 26 does not include a vehicular connection to any road in Colony Woods.  The developer's plans will eventually have to be approved by the Town Council, and changes along the way are certainly possible.  

Further information about the developer's application can be found at:


​​This web site is dedicated to preserving the pedestrian-friendly characteristics of the Colony Woods neighborhood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 


Town's Role

Obviously, the Town Council plays a major role in shaping what is eventually built on the American Legion property. Before the Concept Plan Application was submitted on July 26, dozens of concerned citizens e-mailed the Council with their thoughts about connecting Colony Woods (or Colony Lake or The Meadows) to any potential development that might go forward on the Legion property. For the moment, it appears a vehicular connection is not a part of the plan.  Should the need arise, however, the members of the Town Council may be contacted by sending an e-mail to: